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Heaven is Within You Always

How precious this now moment is… it is Heaven and it is within you and truly a state of mind, a state of consciousness, a stream of awareness aligned with Truth and Reality, Love and Peace, Joy and Ecstasy, Compassion and strength. We can be committed to a practice and that is strength and that discipline, self-discipline creates results in the world, in the impact the human is making, how aligned with your highest destiny, joy and fulfilment, transformation you offer everyone, we can be committed to our practice because we are committed to this awareness, being in this consciousness, being in our right mind, experiencing peace and fulfillment and the bliss of helping others to experience same.

That is what our purpose here on earth is Mama’s, our purpose.

To remain in and maintain a permanent state of Grace at all times, choosing to dwell in the highest state of consciousness available now, to bask in the eternal spaciousness that you eternally are, bask in the divine grace that is arising here now from within you. To jump into the highest possibility in each present moment. To dwell in peace and presence that passes all understanding. Our purpose is to bring Heaven tp Earth.


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