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Healing with the Angels


As we do our very best to navigate through our lives, finding the best possibilities and potentialities for our lives moment to moment, there always comes those times of confusion. Those times when we don't have a clear direction, when we feel that state of limbo... something like being in a circular flight pattern, yet not landing. Times when we have two or more options in front of us and we are not sure which path to take, which fork in the road to choose. I know I have had many of those moments, and there is some of that going on for me right now in my life.

One of the things I've always asked when I am feeling particularly confused and unsure of what choice to choose next, which possibility will be the highest and best choose for my good and the good of all, is to ask the infinity within my own being for a sign. I am very specific to ask for a sign that is obvious and leaves no room for question.

Back in 2006 my best friend invited me to take a local yoga teacher training course with her. I declined her request because my children were still young and I had a plan since the early 80's when I was first introduced to yoga at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts, that when my children were older I would fly out to Massachusetts and get my yoga teacher certification through Kripalu's month immersion yoga teacher training. At that time my children were too young to leave for a whole month. Then a week later my friend asked me again if I'd like to take the teacher training with her, and I told her that I would pray for a sign.

I sat by myself and I asked the divine within me to please give me a sign as to the highest good. Is my highest good to go through the local training now or wait to become a yoga instructor at the Kripalu when my children are older? I asked the Spirit within and without to be very clear, with a sign so obvious I couldn't miss or confuse or question the message.

Later that day I was shopping and a friend I hadn't seen in a while asked me if I would teach yoga at her center. I laughed and told her that I was not a yoga instructor, yet I had just prayed for an undeniable sign whether to take a local yoga teacher training or not. Of course I did take that training back in 2006 with my best friend and I am deeply grateful that I did. I have enjoyed teaching yoga over the years and know it will always be a beautiful part of my expression in this life.

Ask for a sign when you are confused and ask for it to be clear and undeniable. Then keep a vigilant yet relaxed look out for what fun and unexpected ways your signs will show up. Regardless of the signs that arise for me, I always, always make sure my heart is aligned. The heart is always the highest authority in my life.

Healing with the Angles cards by Doreen Virtue

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