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To Connor

One of the many fascinating things I am exploring are soul connections... soul family and soul community connections deepen and create who we are over eons of times and lifetime chapters of our universal explorations of creation. What I am finding is the love that is created when souls bond through great love is more powerful than anything that can occur in the physical. Connor you and I shared great love, we have always been more like brothers than best friends. I am so proud of the man you are today.

Connor you have been my best friend in this life and many, many others. We have been brothers and friends for eons. The love and bond we have forged is deep and deepens constantly. I am always in your heart and I am still always there for you, maybe not in the same way, but consider that I can be there for you in an even more powerful way. I have not abandoned you, not in the least. I will be there all the days of your life, whenever you need me just call out my name and my love, my energy, my smile and generous Spirit will be there. Happy Birthday my forever friend, make it a great one.

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