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Focus In The Present

Stay in the here and the now.

Being present is a different state than thinking or doing, if you are used to doing and thinking rather than being, it is time to practice this different state, the state of being. Being present is a non doing, it is an inward sensing of the infinite divine nectar within. It touching into the constant inner peace, the ecstatic nectar that exists within us all. You don't need to be a spiritual master to access this divine grace within, it is within all beings naturally, it is your true nature. When we dwell in the state of beingness we access our deepest creativity, inspiration and wisdom. We enter into a deep state of peace rather than conflict and the disturbances of the mind.

Most upset originates from fearing the future and regretting the past. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, or the next hour or moment. We think we know, but we truly don’t. The only time that is real is now, don’t waste it. You can only love yourself and others now, when you get lost in fears and regrets you abandon not only the gift of this now moment, but you abandon your own self. Be here now, see what is good about this now moment. You are fully empowered to focus your attention towards anything in any single moment. Take your power back and focus your attention on all that is working now, all the blessings and gifts of this now moment. You exist now, you exist in this eternal now moment and that is enough.

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