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A New Influx of Abundance

This upward spiral will affect all forms of lack and scarcity on the planet. Poverty and financial struggle is a result of a mind out of balance, living in struggle and believing in scarcity. As the mass unconsciousness transforms to mass consciousness and awakening, abundance in all forms will explode into their natural order. Abundance is the natural way… just look at nature, one peach seed has the potential to create thousands of peaches all with a peach seed that can each produce thousands more peach seeds and procreate indefinitely an abundance of peaches. When we are aligned with our True Nature and all of Nature we are naturally abundant, we naturally procreate, and when we align with our own truest nature abundance arises naturally into all area’s of your life. Abundance is an organic outcome of being aligned with Truth and the True Nature of our Being.

When we are feeling limitation and scarcity it is an indication of either buying into limiting belief patterns that aren’t serving us, we are going through a clearing process that is natural or we have strayed from our natural alignment and balance with the True Self.

Belief systems based on limitation and scarcity are false beliefs and can be weeded out and replaced by beliefs aligned with Nature, Abundance and Truth. Any thought of scarcity is false and not aligned with Truth or True Nature and can be eliminated, cleared and replaced and transformed with thoughts aligned with Truth and Abundance. It takes discipline and vigilance, however it must be done if we are wanting to live in the natural state of abundance that is our true inheritance and aligned with our highest Self. Nature goes through ebbs and flows, spirals, seasons and phases, and sometimes we as natural beings also go through a drought phase, a winter season when our being is preparing for even greater abundance… at these times we need to have faith in the natural process and trust that greater abundance is coming our way. When we stray from alignment with nature, when our thinking, lifestyle, habits, and patterns have strayed from our True Nature, when we are selling out on our Truth and our hearts desires for whatever reasons, it will affect all aspects of our health, abundance, peace of mind and social fulfillment. This becomes our wake up call… and it’s always great to wake up and transform your lifestyle before the wake up call becomes a two by four over the head and becomes a crisis.

When life is vibrantly aligned with our True Nature and Nature itself, abundance is not only natural but inevitable. Abundance of joy, abundance of love, abundance of opportunities, abundance of money, abundance of friends, abundance of creativity, abundance of freedom, fulfillment and peace. Abundance is far more than money, money is just an intermediary that can provide you with the things that bring your heart and soul the happiness, freedom and peace you are truly deeply seeking.

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