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February 15, 2021

You have 100% control over and responsible for what you choose to think therefore feel, what you say, how you interpret all your external circumstances and how you respond in any given moment. This realization if truly integrated allows you the freedom to choose all your thoughts, actions and what you are creating and manifesting in your life.

If you are exercising your freedom to choose powerfully how you think, feel, act, and what you are up to and manifesting in your life you are certainly an empowered human being. You truly can choose happiness and peace regardless of the circumstances. Peace and Happiness are freely available states of being that don’t need to be earned, don’t cost anything… they simply are choices we are always free to choose. Choosing peace and happiness doesn’t mean you are a doormat, they are choices from within and also may include certain responses that are guided from your heart out of the state of peace.

Let’s put empowerment on the court so it’s more than just words, but applied examples of some real life circumstances.


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