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The Enlivening Opportunity of Spring

This time of year is filled with new life and rebirth.

All around are trees and flowers springing forth with new leaves, new blossoms, new life. The birds are coming back from their winter travels and filling our backyards and parks with music and cheerful hope and innocence.

Spring provides a time for the soul to be reborn in unlimited ways that benefit ourselves and all life. A time to explore and awaken new, possibly dormant aspects of our Soul, our higher Self. A time to explore new ways of being, new ways of thinking and new patterns and conditioning that are more enlivening, inspiring and joyful.

A time to re-awaken old ways, passions we felt and lived in earlier years that were put aside as adults in order to survive and be responsible. A time to re-visit those old passions and evolve them in ways that work in adulthood, that bring new life and new excitement and passion to adulthood. Children are in touch with what brings them joy and they play full on and all out. Remind yourself what you fantasized about as a child and choose some of those passions that enliven you today. Maybe you wish to paint or play in the woods with nature, or sing and dance… find a place for those passions today.

Spring offers the opportunity to play in the soil. The earth has been frozen in many climates and is now warm with the invitation to dig and plant and create unlimited forms of beauty. Dig in the earth, pull out the weeds and plant something beautiful if you have the opportunity to do so, even if inside with a planter box.

Old dead plant life needs to be cleared away before we can create our garden paradise. Rake, pull and transform the dead leaves and growth in our garden. It is time to tend to the garden of your mind, are there any weeds of unforgiveness, negativity, victim or fear within your inner garden? Let go of all that no longer serves you, let go of all old patterns, conditioning, unforgiveness and fear within the consciousness of your holy mind.

When we take the time to weed out any negative conditioning within our mind, the soil of our consciousness is open to receive an abundance of good seeds. Once you have committed to constantly weed out fearful thoughts and disempowering ways of being and choose positive, empowering, and loving thoughts and ways of being, you will transform the landscape of your mind, body and soul and be witness to a beautiful blooming consciousness and life. Just as when you plant a daisy seed, a daisy flower will bloom forth, those seeds of empowerment and love you plant within your mind will spring forth beautiful forms that will bless and beautify your life both spiritually and physically. You begin to live life for the joy of the experience.

Use the energy of Springtime to re-awaken the joy of being alive, the joy of receiving and giving generously as nature does, because you have an abundance of good blooming within your heart and soul. The Garden of Eden is here now, paradise is the natural state always. When we consciously clear the mind of illusion, delusion and judgment, the Kingdom of Heaven arises in full awareness before our very eyes.

John, The Beloved


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