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The Perfect Lessons to Spiral Upward

You need to love and accept the hypocritical aspect of your own being, where you are doing your best but still get confused at times. Isn’t that what everyone is going through, doing their best, yet still getting confused at times and allowing that confusion to bring about reactions, actions, hurts, hatred even. However, if we can simply love the hypocriticalness of human being, see that is part of the learning curve, that is part of what we all need to overcome because we are all projecting things onto the external world… that is why we see an external world.

However, there can come a time when we can give up hypocritical habits, we simply outgrow them like acne in our teen age years… it just disappears and we didn’t need to do anything, it simply ran it’s course. Separation Consciousness is something that is in need of outgrowing if we desire to evolve to a whole new level of being. We simply can let it go because it no longer serves us. It doesn’t take us in the direction we wish to go, so we are no longer tricked by it or tempted by it, it is delusional and we wish to go in the direction of Truth, Reality, Oneness, Peace.

Something else may arise that upsets us and we can again question and reverse the projection so we can contemplate what needs to be loved and forgiven within our own consciousness. Where do we need to shine the light of God in our own mind so we can see we are pure love, the darkness disappears because we have turned to the Presence of the Light of God, the light of the Universe, the light of our own Soul.

I tell you now, that for sure we have outgrown judgement and fear, they are a very low vibrational patterns and we are resonating at higher and higher frequencies of love, light, truth, peace, compassion, playfulness, laughter, and gratitude. These are the vibrational frequencies we are committed to basking in, sending out to the Universe, filling the molecules and cells of our bodies with, basking in from moment to moment, instant to instant.

With new vibrational frequencies running the show within the body and being, everything external shifts as well because the outer world, each of our unique corners of the Universe, will reflect our consciousness directly. Our corner of the Universe, our world will reflect our consciousness… we are responsible for the world we see, our projections and the reflection of our mind. Once we heal our minds completely then life completely shifts… it simply reflects the peace we rest in that is our true nature. Our True Nature as an aspect of God and the entire Universe… as important as any other aspect reflects it’s perfect beauty in all we see. We live in paradise.

As I have told you there are many dimensions, paradigms, levels, layers and worlds to explore, however you will find yourself in the experience that resonates with your vibrational frequency and that will create the perfect lessons needed to spiral upward to higher and higher truths, greater states of alignment, a purer and purer heart that forgives because it knows wholly there is nothing to forgive. We are all prone to bouts of confusion at times and we are all doing the best we can, so we can hold only love toward all regardless of the forms the confusion and fear take.

We honor our Self first and foremost because we are responsible for only ourselves, and we can never expect or be of help in creating World Peace until we ourselves have developed a deep state of peace within. There truly is no other way. Don’t worry so much about the world. Until you can find peace within your being there is no hope for global peace, because in global peace all beings live in peace, no one is left out and certainly not you.

Everyone is equally important, however you are most important to you.

When you can focus your attention on the Self within, the energy and Presence that you are, the sensitive soul that is embodying the physical human animal… then you can begin to love yourself, appreciate yourself and ignore the bully that is disappearing. Only attention can keep anything in our physical awareness, think about that… attention provides life.

Bringing the attention inward, withdrawing your attention from the outer is the secret to Self Love, moving into alignment, being the Presence, Peaceful Presence, coming home to the Self, the Soul, God.


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