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Turning Point

Beloved Mama’s, well we have come to a turning point, where we turn away from all darkness, all drama because it just isn’t worth it.

There are far better ways to spend our time and we have visions and dreams and plans upon plans, we don’t have a moment to waste, we don’t need anything to disturb our play, we choose to dwell in the joy of the moment rather than entertain a fearful thought… that is just no longer a pull. We have far greater things to be done.

We become a more and more vigilant watcher of our mind because we wish to keep and flourish within our consciousness only that which we want to create. We are creators and we are busy creating and we need all the attention to our creations, all the energy to go into the direction of our dreams… we have no time to waste in illusion, delusion. Love is not delusional, inner peace is always freely available as a choice regardless of the outer circumstances. Therefore, Love and Peace are a choice we choose now and always.

Love and Peace are also a commitment to our own Self, out of Self Love, great love.

We don’t deserve less and we don’t need to rely on the external circumstances in the world to dictate how we feel, we are committed to and powerfully choose love and peace and no one, nor no thing can take that away from us.


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