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Ecstatic Yoga

Yoga means “To Yoke” to become one. Asana (Postures) Yoga was the very last to be introduced into the yogic philosophy and teachings. Actually it was developed to help students attain the at-one-ment that is the purpose of yoga. Yogic teachers in India, where yoga roots from, developed the physical asana practices as a means to the end… to help students become still, and abide in that sense of expanded awareness we sometimes call enlightenment or awakening or at one ment with Self. Infinite Self and human Self as one Self, when all is aligned and at one. In Ecstatic Yoga we offer a Yoga Nidra after every asana practice in support of entering into that Expanded Self… that eternal stillness that dwells within us all.

Please come to Ecstatic Yoga sessions that are every Thursday at 6 PM with Grace

Located at 191 E. 7800 South, Midvale, UT

. Enjoy this whole harmonious and spontaneous experience of yoga that leads you home, to bask in the nectar of the Divine Self. All levels welcome

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