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Health Tip: Daily Walk

I remember my grandmother, Nanny, as we affectionately called her. She was a walker, she walked to the store, she walked to meet us at school, she walked in the evenings. She walked everyday, and what beautiful legs she had even at 102 years old. I don't believe I remember a day when she didn't walk.

I have taken after her in having a daily walking practice, I rarely go a day without a walk. Walking is a meditation for me, a way to connect not only to nature, but to my own true nature and the present moment.

Walking is a wonderful exercise because it keeps the muscles toned without the heavy impact of running. It keeps the lymph and blood circulating... keeping the legs from getting varicose veins. Walking builds and maintains the heart muscles, the most important muscle in the body. Walking also gets you outdoors. Getting your heart rate up, blood circulating, breathing fresh air while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature... it doesn't get better than that

Walking offers a time to reflect, to ponder and to open to meditation, to go within and simply be with the infinity of your beingness.

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