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COVID-19 Vax... Free to Choose and Right to Refuse

This issue is equally important to all political positions and affiliations, people of all religious and spiritual pursuits, people of all economic backgrounds… this is an issue that is important to every race, every culture of every age… the entire human species from every corner of the globe. We absolutely need to come together at this time as brother’s and sister’s, the human tribe, one species, our people. My people, fellow human beings everywhere,

I do NOT believe COVID 19 is a hoax, it is a real virus, along with many of other virus’s known at this time that can cause sickness to the human body. Virus’s have been around long before human beings and they probably will out live us… especially the way we are headed. The CDC statistics that COVID-19 virus allows 99.2 percent of those who contract the virus to survive and possibly have a stronger immune system. CDC reports that the .8 percent that don’t survive are by a majority people at the end of life and very ill with pre-existing illnesses. This is a better survival rate than many common illnesses we struggle with today.

We absolutely, as a responsible species should do our best to engage in respectful practices as to not spread disease… don’t go in public if you are sick, always cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing in public… even with a mask on. Wash your hands frequently and always, especially after using the restroom. This is respectful and responsible behavior all human beings can do to prevent the spread of colds, flu’s COVID 19 or any other virus or bug.

I believe anyone who chooses to be vaccinated at this time should be free to volunteer to do so. That all human beings have the freedom to consent to what goes in their bodies. However, I also believe every human being has the right to refuse anything they don’t wish to go inside their bodies without being discriminated against or lose freedoms over. With the exception of rare occasions when severely disabled people need a legal guardian who can order them to take medicine or undergo medical procedures against their will and without their consent. In those cases, for people who have been carefully and thoroughly determined by several professionals to be incapable of and not of sound body and mind to make personal decisions regarding the best interest of their body and health. Thank God we have protections these days for people, it was a short time ago when a patient could walk into an emergency room with a panic attack and before they knew it they were in a mental hospital with heavy drugs being forced into their body without their consent and against their will. Today we have a court system and procedures to protect people from this type of abuse used rampantly not that many years ago.

I am registered as an independent politically, I am unassociated with any particular political party and never have since the day I registered to vote. I vote for the person and policies rather than party. Plus the parties continue to change, if you look closely the republican party is more like the democratic party when JFK was president and the democratic party is more like socialism at that time. I am also and always have been unassociated with any particular religion, however I have an intimate relationship and deep belief in God, the God of my understanding, and honor all people to their right to an intimate personal relationship to life and/or the God of their understanding.

There are three reasons why I am for the freedom to consent and right to refuse any medicine or medical procedures or medical or gentic testing. There are laws being pushed and forced all over the world to force medicine and medical procedures (Vaccines) onto human beings and discriminating and taking away rights from anyone who refuses. In the state of Utah in the United States of America they are pushing to create law that would allow corporations to force medical procedures, medicine, and genetic testing onto their employees.

What is a corporation? Who is this entity outside myself that can force medicine in my body against my will? What happens if I get sick for two weeks like one of my very best friends after 40 loyal years of service to a corporation. She was let go with no unemployment because she was out for an extended time… two weeks. Anything can be a corporation these days, countries are corporations, pharmaceutical companies are corporations who will be making trillions of dollars on this vaccine, corporations are people in the United States of America, a mass murderer could create a corporatin in 5 minutes online and if this murderer is wealthy he could hire thousands of employees and force them to medical procedures that are torturous, or medicine that killed them instantly. These laws forcing medicine and taking our freedom to consent and right to refuse away... which is a constitutional right in the United States of America and ripping up our bill of rights need to be stopped.

I have three reasons why I wish to have personal freedom to choose what goes into my body and the right to refuse anything I don’t want in my body without being discriminated or losing any of my rights or freedoms.

I care deeply what goes into my and my children’s bodies

The first reason I wish for the right to refuse medicine or medical procedures and testing and the freedom to consent to what goes into my body is because I am very careful of what goes into my body. I feel a sense of responsibility being given this body to care for it in the way only I can know how. I feel I am of sound mind and body to make the choices for myself as to what goes into my body and I appreciate that right. I try to eat healthy and put healthy things in my body. I try to eat nutrient dense live foods close to their natural form… an apple rather than an apple pie. I eat mostly organic because I prefer not to have pesticides in my body. I am against chemicals being poured into the atmosphere by planes for supposedly climate control… knowing we breath those chemicals into our bodies, they land on our farms and food and water sources. No wonder there is an increase in cancer. I enjoy taking personal responsibility for what I put into my body, and I appreciate the freedom to choose that myself as a sovereign human being. I do not wish for anyone outside myself whether a legal guardian, the government, a corporation or otherwise to force medicine into my body that I don’t wish to or consent to have. There are many religious and spiritual practices that choose not to put certain foods or substances in their bodies. This religious right would be ripped away with forced medicine. If we chose to refuse a substance forced into our bodies due to religious reasons, regardless of our religion, the power’s at be who are wanting to put law in place are still planning on discriminating anyone who refuses by taking away your rights and freedoms.

Most important that anyone who doesn’t take the COVD-19 vax doesn't threaten anyone who has taken the vax... unless the vax doesn’t work or is dangerous. With over 1,000 deaths from the Vax to date and 16K adverse reactions reported to the CDC to date. It is are freedom that is at stake.

We need to be wise to how freedom is taken away... little by little so we don’t really notice and don’t rebel. Today it could be forced medicine with COVID-19 Vax, but IF law is in place to force medicine, whether Corportaation's or government (Socialist, Communist and dictatorships all force medicine) we need to think about that power and that there very well could be a medicine or medical testing or procedure that in the future will be devastating to you and your children and loved ones. You may not want to take that medicine, or you may not want that testing or procedure forced on your child, but it is too late now... it is now law and you do not have the right to refuse, you do not have the right to choose what goes into your nor your children's bodies... even if it can easily kill or deform.

No Forced Animal Testing on Human Beings

The second reason I strongly urge all human beings to fight for their freedom to consent and right to refuse what goes into their bodies without being discriminated by losing freedom or rights because vaccine history shows us that they take decades to develop and test before safe for human studies and testing. For example the polio vaccine was developed and tested over 20 decades and brought to the human population in the 1930’s… thousands of people were dying, it was causing birth defects, and children were contracting polio from the vaccine and becoming crippled. It was pulled off the market and scientists and doctors spent another 20 years developing and testing the polio vaccine before it was successfully introduced back to the human population in the 1950’s. Vaccine’s historically take decades to properly develop and test before introducing to the human population, especially for medical studies on human beings. Even with our advances in science and technology decades of time is needed to truly study and test if vaccines have threatening or negative effects on human beings over time. With the COVID-19 vaccine it has been developed over a course of months and the only short term animal studies I can find where on cats and ferrets and 100% of the animals died.

The Vax is being directly tested on human beings, we are the animal test group.

If we don’t have a choice, we are no freer than the lab rats. The powers at be are proposing law being put into place to force this vaccine on human beings and discriminate those who exercise the right to refuse… they are suggesting testing this vaccine on human beings and skipping successful and long term animal testing... forcing humans to be ginea pigs. I am all for the right to consent and any human being who chooses to be a human test subject for this under developed and untested vaccine, however it must be a voluntary thing, not forced. Otherwise, we are no freer than the animals in cages in science labs being forced to test medicine and medical procedures.

If law is created to force medicine and vaccines on human beings by discrimination of those who refuse… taking away rights to travel, visit parks, receive social security, disability and other forms of social benefits then what is next. If law is in place that force’s medicine on human beings and takes away our right as human beings where we can be forced against our will to have any medicine of choice forced into our bodies we could be forced to take medicine that kills us instantly if we rebel, anyone could be pulled out of work at any time to go for medical testing, medical procedures against their will, they weill have no choice or freedom to choose. If law is created where we are forced to be a part of medical studies or forced to take medicine against our will anyone at anytime could be called into the lab to be a test rat. Our children can be taken away from our homes, as the president of the World Health Organization spoke of doing when COVID-19 first came out.

The COVID-19 VAX is completely different from the flu vax or any other vax introduced to human beings. It is a MRNA, Messenger RNA, which is not a tiny amount of the virus but rather goes into our DNA, alters the DNA. I personally don’t want the DNA my parents provided for me to be altered. I also don’t want to put this completely new, undeveloped, untested form of medicine in my body. We simply have no idea how this will affect human beings and our DNA over time.

COVID 19 at this time is in the testing phase and people who wish to volunteer to be a part of this test should have the right and freedom to do so, however they should be well informed that they are in a study group for a vaccine that has not been studied properly yet on animals, humans and especially for long term problems. At this time we need to know we are in the test phase and no human being should be forced to be a part of this test group without the freedom to consent and right to refuse without any discrimination or stripping of rights. I believe volunteers who consent to be a part of this test group for the under developed, untested COVID-19 vaccine should be paid to take this risk, the pharmaceutical companies are making trillions of dollars on this vaccine, therefore, can afford to pay brave volunteers, like any other medical test on human beings.

Nano ChipTechnology is on the COVID-19 Vax disclosure

The third reason I am against law being put into place to force medicine by discriminating against those who exercise the freedom to consent and right to refuse is the nano technology and plethora of patents that are a reality at this time. Human nano chips are here! They are microscopic and thinner than a strand of hair and easily inserted into a needle.

Nano chip technology which is a microscopic chipping device for human tracking. It is not a hoax or conspiracy theory... it is on every COVID-19 Vax disclosure, yet now it states negative. I belive it is a space saver and IF law is created to force medicine, it is very easy to change that negative to positive and we become a chipped slave race. In Germany they burned a number into the arm of the Jewish slaves, 2021 they simply insert a chip.

With well know agenda’s and patent’s (check out 060606 patent owned by Bill Gates) to chip the entire human species and create human beings as commodities and a slave race makes it more important to not force medicine by law. Once a nano chip get’s into a human being through a needle, easily and inconspicuously inserted into what may appear to be an innocent vaccine, without anyone ever knowing about it, overnight we become slaves, human commodities. We can be traced and hunted down in seconds no matter where we are, killed instantly with medicine if we present a threat. We will be owned by the power’s at be that own the chip that is inside us. There are chips that can mutate the DNA, that with a push of a button can instantly kill any baby, child, or adult on this planet. Many of these agenda’s to chip the human species are very corrupt, the same small group of people own all the major media, even social media’s. This isn’t a new agenda, it has been written in movies for decades, power to own humans as slaves for selfish benefit, to exploit human lives for their own good and profit, that is happening rampantly already today in human trafficking and labor slavery and exploitation.

These are the reasons I am calling all human beings to come together, all people of all political preferences, all religions, all races, all culture, all human beings alive on the planet today to come together and fight for your right to refuse and your freedom to consent without discrimination. Come together for our children and children’s children and their rights as free sovereign human beings. Free to choose their medicine or refuse medicine. Avoid our human rights being taken away and join our forces for freedom to choose what goes into our bodies, medicine, medical procedures, testing, even our sexual partners. Not everyone has those rights today, they have been taken away from all people in human trafficking, people with legal guardians, people in socialist countries. It is time to take our power back as a humanity and come together for our freedom to our bodies, what goes in our bodies… we are the custodians of this body we have been given, and if you break the barrier of protection from our inner sanctuary, the one place we have sovereign choice over in this life, life for human beings will never be the same, we will be slaves under tyranny, as powerless and enslaved as the test rats in labs.

All human beings must come together to prevent law forcing medicine, medical testing or procedures on human beings against their will or without consent. We must come together to protect our freedom to consent to what goes in our bodies and the right to refuse anything we don’t wish to be in our bodies without any form of discrimination or our species and freedom as a species is threatened. Save our species, protect our right to consent to medicine and prevent the loss of our human rights by signing the Liberty Petition link below and save our human species. Be a hero.

Liberty Petition; Freedom to Choose, Right to Refuse


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